The Button King

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The Button King

Holy weird. So some old guy (the Button King) had insomnia about 30 years ago, so he decided to keep himself occupied by gluing buttons unto stuff. A hearse, a toilet, a piano, a suit, a guitar, a coffin, etc. The guy got famous. He has been in tons of magazines, TV shows, etc.

Anyways, the guy is crazy old now. We showed up to the little building next to his house on his farm, and he (slowly, oh so slowly) drove over on his golf cart to say hi and to show us his museum. He kindly played a little song for Anna, but she was too confused by the whole thing to even dance or smile at him.

I wouldn’t plan a vacation around it, but it was neat to see.

(Sadly, there was some gunk on my lens so the pictures are a bit fuzzy..)

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