Brigham Young monument

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Brigham Young monument

This Brigham Young monument was dedicated by President George Albert Smith in 1950 in the town that Brigham Young was born.

Whitingham, VT, is not an easy to get to place. It isn’t a town that you’d happen to drive through or even near. It is in the middle of a cell phone dead zone and far from any major highways.

In 1801 when Brigham Young was born, the center of the town was located on the hill where this monument was erected. Nowadays, however, the hill is a town park and the center of town (if you can call it that) is located a few miles down the road.

There is also a sign in the center of town explaining the role Brigham Young played in America’s history, and somewhere in the town (not sure where) is a marker in a person’s yard indicating where Brigham Young was actually born.

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